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Shorten sales cycles
Quickly identify and optimize inbound and outbound channels to improve conversion velocity
Finding Amazing Leads is Easy
Improve collaboration between marketing and sales with transparent metrics
Create Unique Experiences with Context
Use leading questions and social references to improve trust and engagement
Clearer path to ROI
Obtain clear ROI metrics to focus on best performing campaigns and provide smarter routing rules

In the news

Data Cup Announces 1st One-Day Forum for Marketing and Sales Industry October 3rd in Atlanta
Data Cup will be hosting their 1st ever one day pop up conference in Atlanta for the B2B marketing and sales industry, Wednesday October 3rd at the Atlanta Tech Village in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Data Cup Announces OEM Partnership with InsideView
Data Cup marketing science solution integrates InsideView to enhance ABM Campaigns for SaaS B2B sellers and marketers.
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Data Cup, a Marketing Science Solution for Account Based Marketing, Launches at Data Science Salon in Miami
Data Cup offers simple lead identification for B2B account-based marketing (ABM) with its powerful predictive audience solution.
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Amish Anisin
We obtained higher quality B2B leads, faster, and were able to integrate with the Martech tools we know and love.
Clarissa Herte
Founder, Zepelin Technology
It used to take me days to find the accounts and leads I was interested in contacting. Now it takes me minutes!

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Data Cup’s mission is to turbocharge growth for companies with amazing leads. By streamlining the manual, repetitive tasks traditionally associated with prospecting, marketers and sales pros have more time to spend enriching experiences with their customers.


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