Data Cup Announces 1st One-Day Forum for Marketing and Sales Industry October 3rd in Atlanta

Data Cup on May 18, 2018

Data Cup will be hosting their 1st ever one day pop up conference in Atlanta for the B2B marketing and sales industry, Wednesday October 3rd at the Atlanta Tech Village in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 3 Mistakes You’re Making In Lead Generation According to the Experts

Timara Frassrand on May 01, 2018

Data Cup launches Conversion Data Pop Up to help B2B Sales and Marketing professionals understand best practices for B2B lead management and use data science to obtain better results.

Criteria to Consider When Evaluating a B2B Lead Generation Service

Greg Werner on April 19, 2018

Good business to business (B2B) leads need to consider a variety of factors, such as firmographic, demographic, and technographic data. Additionally, behavior data is important to understand a company's propensity to convert. The ability for the vendor to integrate is also important to avoid disruptions with your technology stack.

Following Up With Your SaaS Lead

Timara Frassrand on April 19, 2018

Engage with your prospects with targeted emails and then follow up with a phone call to seal the relationship. Use context in both cases to deliver the right message at the right time.

Data Cup Announces OEM Partnership with InsideView

Data Cup Team on April 11, 2018

Data Cup marketing science solution integrates InsideView to enhance ABM Campaigns for SaaS B2B sellers and marketers.

Identifying and Qualifying B2B Leads - Evaluating Solutions

The Data Cup Team on March 16, 2018

Businesses use inbound and outbound marketing to identify and qualify B2B leads. These leads need to be ranked with a propensity score and need to improve over time. B2B lead generation is a process and selecting the right combination of resources will help build efficient B2B lead generation processes over time.

Leads at B2B SaaS Companies - Challenges and Opportunities

The Data Cup Team on March 04, 2018

Businesses spend a lot of money and time prospecting. Prospecting is a necessary step to find leads, particularly for companies that have Account Based Marketing initiatives. SaaS B2B companies, in particular, need to consider many attributes when identifying leads that have the right 'fit' and 'behavior' information.

Data Cup, a Marketing Science Solution for Account Based Marketing, Launches at Data Science Salon in Miami

Jessica Gomez on February 07, 2018

Data Cup offers simple lead identification for B2B account-based marketing (ABM) with its powerful predictive audience solution.

AI Models for Marketers and Flight Simulators

Greg Werner on January 31, 2018

B2B marketers have difficulty obtaining enough data to train A.I. models. What if we simulated data, just like Pilots use flight simulators for training?

A.I. and Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Greg Werner on January 26, 2018

B2C companies have enough structured data to train sophisticated machine learning models. B2B companies have the opportunity to leverage new UX paradigms to collect data to then train sophisticated models to help their businesses.

AI for Marketers - Initial Thoughts

Greg Werner on January 17, 2018

A.I. is a broad term and is used extensively in marketing. In this article, we attempt to explain the concepts by telling a story and how A.I. could help a restaurant improve customer satisfaction, thus increasing CLTV.

Data Cup’s mission is to turbocharge growth for companies with amazing leads. By streamlining the manual, repetitive tasks traditionally associated with prospecting, marketers and sales pros have more time to spend enriching experiences with their customers.


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