Data Cup announces 1st One-Day Forum for Marketing and Sales Industry October 3rd in Atlanta

Speakers include marketing and sales professionals from HoneyWell, Bombora, SalesLoft, Media Volery and more converging in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA - May 18, 2018 -- Conversion Data Pop-Up, introduced by marketing science ABM solution company, Data Cup, will be hosting their 1st ever one day pop up conference in Atlanta for the B2B marketing and sales industry, Wednesday, October 3rd at the Atlanta Tech Village. This intimate event curates marketing and sales sessions bringing specialists and experts in both fields face-to-face to educate each other on innovative new solutions in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and best B2B practices. Conversion Data Pop Up--also known as CVR Data--hosts a variety of attendees such as sales and marketing executives, analysts, data scientists and developers working with marketing and sales professionals.

The Conversion Data Pop-Up event will consist of a 1-day event of workshops and sessions based on Driving Conversions with Data & Science presented by marketing and sales professionals who work with AI and Machine Learning. Top companies like HoneyWell, SalesLoft, InsideView Technologies, Inc., Bombora, Marketo, Triblio, Media Volery and more will be represented at this exclusive forum.

We will have speakers such Zontee Hou, Founder of Media Volery, talking about how to optimize your content for conversions using key metrics and actionable frameworks and Keith Fletcher, President of FLETCH, talking about how to sync your business to grow your most valuable asset, your brand. We’ll also have speakers like Kevin Matsushita from InsideView Technologies, Inc. and Erica Pearson from Message Gears leading talks based around marketing and sales using AI and Machine Learning. For a full list of speakers and companies visit our speakers page.

“We thought developing a local and more intimate event that emphasizes the intersection of marketing, sales, and data science would help the B2B community gain a better understanding of what actions to take to improve their personal and organizational marketing and sales performances. Conversions re used on a daily basis to define campaign goals and should ultimately lead to improved marketing ROI and sales. We are really excited to launch this new event and are already looking forward to announcing one's for the future!” says Greg Werner, Founder and CEO at Data Cup, the host of the Conversion Data Pop-Up.

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This event will sell out soon!

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