Data Cup, a Marketing Science Solution for Account-Based Marketing, Launches at Data Science Salon Miami

Miami, FL – February 8, 2018 – Data Cup, a marketing science ABM solution for B2B marketers, today launches at the Data Science Salon Miami, February 8-9, 2018 at CIC Miami. Data Cup powers ABM strategies with predictive analytics and data to help identify target leads and intelligently engage high value accounts across channels.

Data Cup provides simple interfaces to manage robust lead identification, from which both sales and marketing can easily agree. Lead selection, scoring, and context models are unique for every customer. All deep learning and machine learning models are unique for every customer and updated daily.

"Data Cup is based on the idea that all companies should have access to relevant and quality B2B accounts and contacts with minimal effort," said Greg Werner, Chief Product Officer at Data Cup. "Too often, only large organizations have had the resources to engage account contacts efficiently, leaving smaller, innovative companies out of the B2B marketing and sales process. Having access to targeted and up-to-date contacts within accounts frees marketers and sales professionals to focus on servicing the customer with unique experiences, which is what ultimately enhances differentiation."

The marketing science solution integrates with marketers current CRM and Marketing Technology vendors for quick plug and play accessibility. The predictive audience feature sifts through the endless amounts of clutter in the data and recognizes high quality leads. The Data Cup algorithm allows marketers and sales professionals improved ROI compared to third party firmographic, advertising, or social databases. Accounts and contacts are augmented with data from CRM, Marketing Technology tools, and inbound marketing channels for unlimited scalability.

“We are excited to start a pilot with Data Cup with our clients, who are some of the most innovative B2B enterprise software vendors in the industry,” said Anna Anisin, Founder and CEO at, a boutique B2B marketing firm working with AWS, IBM and O’Reilly Media.

For more information about Data Cup stop by the Data Science Salon Miami or visit to set up a demo today.

About Data Cup

Data Cup is a marketing science solution created to enhance quality lead generation for B2B marketers and sales leaders in high growth organizations. Data Cup offers simple lead identification for B2B account-based marketing (ABM) with its powerful predictive audience solution.

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Data Cup’s mission is to turbocharge growth for companies with amazing leads. By streamlining the manual, repetitive tasks traditionally associated with prospecting, marketers and sales pros have more time to spend enriching experiences with their customers.


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